You Deserve


I always find it interesting when a song’s title is not taken directly from the lyrics. I enjoy trying to determine how the title makes sense and adds new perspective to the meaning of the song. “You Deserve” is a song that fits this category. The theme expressed by the title is found in the lyrics even though the phrase, “You deserve,” is nowhere to be found. The title indicates that the song is going to be about what God deserves, and by looking at lyrics and the feel of the music with that it mind, gives an understanding what this song is emphasizing that God deserves.

If I were to summarize the song in one sentence it would be, “God deserves all of our life because of the grace, love, and victory He has given to us through the Jesus.” The first verse starts the song by declaring what Jesus has done through his sacrifice on the cross; how we are saved and made right with God not because we’ve earned it by doing everything right, but because the “cross prevails” and Jesus has paid the price for all of our sins.

The pre-chorus continues to speak of God’s grace by emphasizing that God is the one who has “opened our eyes” and “shown us life” and connects this to how our knowledge of this should lead us to praise God and give all of ourselves to Him. The chorus and verse 2 further echo the themes of God’s grace and our response to live our life for Him.

The bridge takes a different angle on God derving our all. It begins with the thought, “I can’t imagine life without You” which also makes me think of “why would I try or want to live life without God?” The second part of the thought gives the reason why life without Jesus doesn’t make sense. The reason flows right along with the key passage guiding our current sermons series on Colossians (Col 1:16). If everything was made “through Him and for Him,” of course our lives should be lived not only for Him but also with Him.

I hope you enjoy listening to and learning this song while thinking of God’s grace and what He deserves. Make sure to use the links for the song to view all the lyrics with the link to or buy the song from Amazon.