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When we left for Ukraine a week ago, so many people expressed worry over the danger we were traveling towards.
But because God is good, He answered the prayers of so many and has kept us safe. We have not worried. We have not felt fear, even when the air raid sirens went off in the night.
These have been the most restful days I’ve had in a long time.
  • We were welcomed with open arms like family. Our bellies have stayed full – often too full – with amazing food.
  • We have worshipped with other believers, singing the same songs together like we aren’t separated by different languages.
  • We gathered to listen to the word and to each other.
And when we lined the room and held hands today to pray for Ukraine as one people in Christ, something astounding happened that I don’t even know how to describe. One person started to pray and then others started to whisper their prayers.
All of a sudden, the entire room was in an uproar, asking God to intercede for Ukraine – in Ukrainian and Russian and English and Swahili.
God has put fire in the hearts of these Ukrainians, and the Spirit made us all come alive. If God can move mountains, he can surely do big things for Ukraine.

by Sian Tweeddale, Dnipro Team
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