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Is Easter more than just eggs and candy?

What Does Easter Mean To You?

As Easter is approaching, we have asked several people who are a part of Christian Fellowship to share what Easter means to them. Here are some of the responses we have received:

“Finally rescued! A new beginning, a new life, and a new hope.”James Laney

“Living in a middle-eastern country where 99% of the people around me believe that the death and resurrection of the Son (and that there even is a Son) is blasphemous, Easter reminds me how our Father is so other. What the world says is ridiculous, our Father says is Love; His ways are higher than ours and go far above and beyond all that we and the world could even imagine.” Callie Fleming

“Easter reminds me of the ultimate sacrifice that was made because of God’s amazing Love for us! It’s a time for celebration for we now have freedom, unending joy, life everlasting, and access to the Father.”Sheila Adams

“Looking for eggs and candy.” (From a 5-year old.) As mom and son chatted more, he said, “It is when Jesus died and when He came alive again so I can talk to Him.” He then went on to explain to his mom that she was sitting on top of Jesus and she needed to move seats (she was in the driver’s seat of their car). Dylan Briscoe

“Celebrating Life in Jesus at the starting point (the cross and the tomb).  Celebrating Life in His Spirit moment by moment because Jesus is alive.  Celebrating our ever merciful and powerful Heavenly Father.  Coming together with others who want to ‘get it’ just a little more every time we celebrate ALL of this gift we still get to unwrap.” Kaylyn Briscoe

 “Easter is the focal point of the Christian life.  It is a time of reflection, renewal, and hope.”  – Keith Garnes

 “Jesus, a man who knows all of my joys, and pains, walked out of the grave and said, ‘Come, follow me.’  Thank you, Jesus.”  Larry Cox



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