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Spiritual Fathering – Scott Williams

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Today, Scott Williams, Pastor Emeritus at Christian Fellowship, brings a Father’s Day message for the church. He discusses the significance of Father’s Day and the concept of spiritual fathering within the Christian community. He encourages celebrating fathers while addressing the pain some may feel on this day. Scott advocates for older members with spiritual wisdom to mentor younger generations. By exploring God’s role as a father in the Scriptures and believers’ adoption as children of God, Scott highlights the importance of spiritual fatherhood in guiding and nurturing others in the faith.

Father’s Day can be a challenging day for many: for those who lost their dad, those who want to be, or those who have lost their kids. But there is encouragement to be had in others around you who can fill in the holes that loss brings.

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This was recorded live on June 16, 2024 in Columbia, Missouri at Christian Fellowship Church.

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