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Finding Home – Michael Acock and Nene Peter

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Today, Pastor Michael Acock and Pastor Nene Peter share biblical thoughts and reflections on World Refugee Day, which happens each year on June 20.

Michael and Nene discuss the refugee crisis, emphasizing the church’s role in providing hope and healing. They share stories of refugees finding solace in the church community and stress the importance of treating refugees with love and compassion. Referring to biblical teachings, they urge the congregation to show grace and seek justice for refugees, highlighting the humanity behind the statistics. The sermon calls for a shift in perspective to view refugees as neighbors in need and an opportunity for the church to truly live out its purpose.

We hope this message encourages you and helps you know Jesus in a more real way. You can find the full sermon notes and other resources at our website.  Subscribe to us at our YouTube channel, on Apple Podcasts or on Spotify. You can also visit us at Facebook or Instagram.


This was recorded live on June 23, 2024 in Columbia, Missouri at Christian Fellowship Church.

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