Religion and The Gospel | Full Sermon

By Christian Fellowship / February 25, 2018

Are you frustrated with God? Then keep watching.

Pastor Phil Schaefer asks the question: What is religion? Ultimately, religion is what God does for God, but religion is ultimately, religion, what we do for God, is never enough. So, where does that leave us? God has to do with something for us, and Pastor Phil explains in today’s sermon.

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Trusting God and Being OK | Full Sermon

By Christian Fellowship / January 21, 2018

“Am I ok?” We tend to ask ourselves that question every day. Sure, we may not use that exact phrase, but it reveals itself in why we do certain things. We’re constantly looking to be satisfied.  We’re looking to find rest. With the rise of technology, one might think we’d be full of rest, but we’re just as distracted as ever. One might say we’re less restful with technology than with technology. What must we do to find rest? Pastor Donnie Berry answers this question in this sermon: Feeding on Jesus, The Bread of Life from John 6: 25 – 35 on where we can find that something that satisfies. The one thing that will finally give us rest; the things that will make us say, “I’m ok.” Watch or listen to find the source for rest.

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Eucharisteo – Thankfulness – Full-Sermon

By Christian Fellowship / November 21, 2017

What was the first sin? Pastor Phil Schaefer argues that it was ungratefulness. Our fall is, has always been, and always will be that we aren’t satisfied in God and what He gives. So on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, Pastor Phil gives a guide to gratitude. Faith looks like thanksgiving, and we hope this sermon makes you more aware of your faith and what you can be thankful for.

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Are You Enjoying the Game? | Law and Liberty – Full Sermon

By Christian Fellowship / October 15, 2017

What’s your first thought about the 10 commandments? It’s pretty easy to view the 10 commandments as a list of “do’s” or “do-not’s,” but this view comes from misunderstanding God. To properly understand the 10 commandments, you must know that God is for you. Pastor Phil Schaefer helps us understand what a healthy relationship with God looks like in this week’s sermon.

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All Who Put Their Trust in Christ – Full Sermon

By Christian Fellowship / October 10, 2017

What do the Protestant Reformation, an event that happened 500 years ago, and Martin Luther have to do with us today? Pastor Phil Schaefer teaches us that Luther understood that we can’t truly be good on our own merits. We can’t even believe in God on our own strength; so, how is this good news?

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No Son, No Father | Know Son, Know Father – Full Sermon

By Christian Fellowship / September 29, 2017

Did Jesus simply move us out of death or did he truly make us alive? Is Jesus only a bridge to God the Father or did he invite us into something more? Watch Pastor Michael Acock walk us through 2nd John and how we’re supposed to live it out.

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The Radical Middle Is the Gospel – Full Sermon

By Christian Fellowship / September 22, 2017

Today Pastor Phil brings back a phrase he taught in our church a number of years ago. It has helped members of our church frame up how to think of various Biblical truths. We call it the Radical Middle. The radical middle is finding the center where the kingdom of God is displayed. The radical middle allows us as sinners to know God’s mercy is there for me & for the other.

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