Trusting God and Being OK | Full Sermon

By Christian Fellowship / January 21, 2018

“Am I ok?” We tend to ask ourselves that question every day. Sure, we may not use that exact phrase, but it reveals itself in why we do certain things. We’re constantly looking to be satisfied.  We’re looking to find rest. With the rise of technology, one might think we’d be full of rest, but we’re just as distracted as ever. One might say we’re less restful with technology than with technology. What must we do to find rest? Pastor Donnie Berry answers this question in this sermon: Feeding on Jesus, The Bread of Life from John 6: 25 – 35 on where we can find that something that satisfies. The one thing that will finally give us rest; the things that will make us say, “I’m ok.” Watch or listen to find the source for rest.

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