The Truth About God: Can We Know Him? | Full Sermon

In the first sermon from our new series: Revelation and Mystery in the Gospel of John, Pastor Phil Schaefer talks about knowing God. Phil talks from the book of Ezekiel where a glimpse of God causes Ezekiel to become undone. But can you, personally, get a glimpse of God? Can you know Him? Pastor Phil not only believes you can, but He says that our day-to-day lives will change on how we know God. Watch to see why.

Getting Into The Spirit at Christmas – Full Sermon

What is the Christmas Story or The Spirit of Christmas? It is a declaration that this world and our very lives have been invaded, altered, overhauled forever. In other words, it’s the greatest story ever. To enter the Spirit of Christmas is to enter that Holy Night, and if we enter in, our souls should “feel its worth.” It was night where God connected to heaven to earth in the man Jesus Christ. Our world’s future is bound to that man. Watch for more on The Spirit of Christmas.