International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church – Full Sermon

On this year’s International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church, Pastor Michael Acock showed us how there are Christians today who are suffering for the name of Jesus Christ, and he led us to pray for the persecuted and their persecutors, that they may know Jesus as savior. Watch as Pastor Mike shares stories with videos and pictures as we pray for those who don’t share the same religious freedoms that we enjoy in the US.

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Are You Enjoying the Game? | Law and Liberty – Full Sermon

What’s your first thought about the 10 commandments? It’s pretty easy to view the 10 commandments as a list of “do’s” or “do-not’s,” but this view comes from misunderstanding God. To properly understand the 10 commandments, you must know that God is for you. Pastor Phil Schaefer helps us understand what a healthy relationship with God looks like in this week’s sermon.

Sacrificial Love Flows from Seeing God – Full Sermon

Are Millennials truly the most self-centered generation? Pastor Donnie doesn’t think so; instead, he thinks selfishness is something every human being wrestles with in their core. Out of the Epistle of 3rd John, Donnie teaches us that the cure to our self-centeredness isn’t in focusing on ourselves. It’s actually found in seeing Jesus.

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The Radical Middle Is the Gospel – Full Sermon

Today Pastor Phil brings back a phrase he taught in our church a number of years ago. It has helped members of our church frame up how to think of various Biblical truths. We call it the Radical Middle. The radical middle is finding the center where the kingdom of God is displayed. The radical middle allows us as sinners to know God’s mercy is there for me & for the other.