New Wine – The Master of the Feast | Full Sermon

Jesus is at a wedding, and they run out of wine. This was a huge mistake (not to mention embarrassing) in first century Jewish Society. Jesus steps into this party, and he turns water into wine. Not only that, but it’s the best wine. Pastor Phil Schaefer teaches on this story from John chapter 2, and how Jesus, in turning water into the best wine, is a parable for all of our lives. Pastor Phil breaks down this story into three practical applications:

1. Love and acceptance wins people’s hearts.
2. Jesus wants to fill us with His presence: the Holy Spirit.
3. Wherever you are in marriage, Jesus has more to give you and your spouse.

Let’s pray into these things! That God would strengthen marriages, that God would fill you to brim with his presence, and that God would make us loving and accepting to those unlike us, especially unbelievers. Amen!