A Great Light – Christmas Sermon

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Thanks for tuning in for the live stream of today’s Christmas sermon. This morning, Pastor Clay Spencer is teaching on “A Great Light.” We’re so glad you can join us.

We live stream our sermons every Sunday at approximately 9:50 and 11:50 am (CST) both here on YouTube and on Facebook. To give you an overview of our church, we’re a non-denominational church located in Columbia, Missouri, and our mission is to help all people discover and develop a relationship with Jesus Christ in community. We see church as more than just an organization that meets regularly. We see it as a big family, and we’d love for you to become a part of our church family.

If you’d like to get to know us a little better, you can check out our website at ChristianFellowship.com to learn about CF’s leadership, staff, beliefs, and more; plus, that’s a great way to contact us if you’d like to get a hold of us privately. Otherwise, we’ll do our best to respond here in the comments.

On Christmas, A Savior Is Born for You | Full Sermon

On Christmas, why did Jesus come? Why did God come with such little celebration and no parade? God seems to care very little about what mankind considers important, and we seem to care very little of what God considers important. The Lord turns things upside down. So much so, that the God of the universe came for you. Yes, you – a human being with sinful nature; that is why Jesus came. Watch as Pastor Clay Spencer explains.

Receiving Christ This Christmas | Full Christmas Eve Sermon

In this Christmas Eve sermon, Pastor Michael Acock teaches on what happened on Christmas. Not just what happened in time and space, but what God did in our hearts by becoming a man, human. First, how could God become a man? He is purity, fullness, joy, righteousness, yet we, mankind, are full of shame, brokenness, disease and perversion. Yet God has done this thing in Jesus Christ that united man and God. We can now know God, and our destiny is now tied to Jesus. How could this be? Watch as Pastor Mike teaches on this and what it means for us at Christian Fellowship Church in Columbia, MO on Dec. 24th, 2017.

Getting Into The Spirit at Christmas – Full Sermon

What is the Christmas Story or The Spirit of Christmas? It is a declaration that this world and our very lives have been invaded, altered, overhauled forever. In other words, it’s the greatest story ever. To enter the Spirit of Christmas is to enter that Holy Night, and if we enter in, our souls should “feel its worth.” It was night where God connected to heaven to earth in the man Jesus Christ. Our world’s future is bound to that man. Watch for more on The Spirit of Christmas.