How To Read The Bible With Us In 2021

One of the core values at Christian Fellowship is “The Word of God”. We believe that staying in the word, by reading the Bible, is essential to our growth as Christians and keeps us close to the heart of God. It’s one of the ways we improve our relationship with God.

To help facilitate this goal, we’re using The Bible Project’s The Bible Project: New Testament In a Year. The plan will guide you in reading through the New Testament in 365 days. Watch this short video to learn more about how you can participate with us this year.

Only watch what you need:
Learn to use our website starting at – 11:14
Learn to use The Bible App starting at – 39:00
Learn how to find a paper copy starting at – 2:03:07

Christmas Eve Candlelight Services Invitation

You’re invited! Our Christmas Eve candlelight services are a sweet tradition at Christian Fellowship where we sing Christmas Carols, hear an inspirational message, and light candles together. This is a great service for families and will last about an 45 minutes.

This year’s theme is The Weary World Rejoices and we will have services both in-person and online.

Learn more at:

Advent Begins In Darkness – Full Sermon

What is Advent? In our first sermon in the season of Advent, Pastor Phil Schaefer teaches on how Advent is a season of preparation. While Advent may begin in darkness, it sets the tone for all of God’s redemptive plan. What redemptive plan? Where is God? Is there hope? Christmas is not only about remembering Jesus’ first coming, but it is also about remembering that Jesus will come again to bring light to a dark world. We encourage you to listen to this teaching on where to find hope and light during this holiday season.