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Two Victories and Two New Goals

At the beginning of 2015 we launched into a capital campaign to raise funds for a new building project so that we can increase our capacity to receive more people and reach more nations with the Gospel of grace. Our goal is to provide greater visibility and access of our church, and to expand the amount of square footage so that we can better fulfill the ministry God has given us as a church.

The refrain from our members who are advising us in the building and fundraising keeps coming back, “We can do this! The task is great but God has given us the means!” After only nine months of the 4 year campaign, we can celebrate two huge victories. 

Two Victories

  1. Over $500,000 has been already been collected!
  2. Over $1,000,000 has been already been pledged!

We are very encouraged at the progress that has been made thus far! We asked those among us who wanted to be the radicals – the pioneers – if they would lead the way in pledging and giving, and those people have come through. Thus far 144 households have pledged $1,496,318  and we have collected $587,935 since the campaign launch. Our long-term goal is to raise $3 million in the next 4 years towards the $6 million building project. (We plan to finance the remaining $3 million.) We have about 690 households in our church, and when we analyze this we see it is possible for us as a church to reach our goal.

Two New Goals

By the end of the 2015 calendar year, we are challenging the church to reach for the following milestones:

  1. $1,000,000 collected
  2. 250 households contributing

Reaching these milestones will be an amazing achievement.

This Sunday and over the next few weeks we will be rehearsing God’s call on us as a church and how ‘Increasing Our Capacity’ fits into that calling. We will also be laying out some goals for us as we walk out this journey over the next several years.  Again, we believe this is doable, not because we have the means, but because by faith in God we see His hand directing us.

In the book of Numbers Moses sends 12 spies into the promised land. Ten spies gave a bad report, but two of them, Joshua and Caleb, said, “Let us go up at once and take possession, for we are well able to overcome it.” The rest of the spies saw giants in the land and were in fear. Caleb and Joshua saw God who had always been faithful to Israel and said, “We can do this. God is with us.” In the end those two saw the fulfillment of God’s faithfulness.

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