Two for Tuesday – Spiritual Disciplines and Experiencing the Gospel

John Flavel on the Importance of Gospel Delight

John Flavel (English Puritan – 1630-1691), was one of the main influences in Charles Spurgeon’s spiritual formation in the gospel. This quote will let you know why.


Put Yourself in the Path of God’s Grace – David Mathis

If we’re meant to live in the enjoyment of the love of Christ, as John Flavel argues above, then how does his love become an experienced reality in our lives? David Mathis tells us how to put ourselves in the pathway of God’s grace where his grace richly flows: “We cannot earn God’s grace or make it flow apart from his free gift. But we can position ourselves to go on getting should he keep giving. We can “fight to walk in the paths where he has promised his blessings.” We can ready ourselves for receiving along his regular route sometimes called “the spiritual disciplines.” Great article encouraging us to step into the space where the Holy Spirit encounters and transforms our hearts.