Two for Tuesday – Shame, Cutting and the Gospel

Going for Blood – Ed Welch

“…I’m lost. I am distraught. Last night I couldn’t help it—I needed to see blood, so I scratched myself with my razor. Just a tiny bit of blood. A tiny scratch….”

I have a soft spot for women who cut. They know they need help, though it is hard to ask for it. The statements above are from the journal of a friend who tries to resist cutting herself. She often succeeds, sometimes fails.

Ed Welch provides insight into the pain and shame that lead to cutting, and the blood of Jesus that can set us free.

Jesus Over Shame – Jen Smidt

For those who struggle (and really, who doesn’t?) with the shame of your sin and failure, or the shame of sins committed against you, Jen Smidt offers insight and gospel truth to help you turn from shame to Jesus, who gives truth, love, healing and grace in place of shame:

Shame has long been in my life. My perceived (and deceived) need for this companion in my emotional and spiritual survival has existed since I was a young girl. But it has been a cruel friend. It desires to possess the heart, claim ownership of the body, and veil the mind. Masquerading in a cloak of comfort, my hurting heart bought into its lies…

If you are carrying the weight of shame, Jesus is calling you to give that burden to him and rest in the new identity he has given you.