Two for Tuesday – Rethinking Progress and Grace in our Parenting

Rethinking Progress – Tullian Tchividjian

“Every temptation to sin is a temptation, in the moment, to disbelieve the gospel–the temptation to secure for myself in that moment something I think I need in order to be happy… Bad behavior happens when we fail to believe that everything I need, in Christ I already have; when we fail to believe in the rich provisional resources that are already ours in the gospel. Good behavior happens when we daily rest in and receive Christ’s “It is finished” into new and deeper parts of our being every day— into our rebellious regions of unbelief (what writer calls “our unevangelized territories”) smashing any sense of need to secure for ourselves anything beyond what Christ has already secured for us.”


How Grace Changes Relationships – Interview with Paul Tripp and Elyse Fitzpatrick on grace in families and parenting

19 minute video that is well worth your time to watch and absorb. Watching this played a big part in moving me out of “try harder” type parenting (“you need to try harder to ______, do better”) and “try harder” type living (“I just need to try harder, do better”)  into a place of recognizing my need and my kids need for grace and together running to Jesus.

“The statement that should be so encouraging to parents is, “Salvation is of the Lord.” So much that goes on in Christian parenting is a covenant of works–good parenting in, good kids out. So we come up with 14 steps to better behaved kids. And our kids just become smarter sinners until they blow it all off. It’s not about whether I have the right new method that works. We need to stop trying to find the magic method to force our children into compliance, and instead say, “Salvation is of the Lord, I’m just like you, let’s run to Jesus.'”