Two for Tuesday – Preaching the Gospel to Ourselves

Speak the Truth to Yourself – Christina Fox

“When we feel overwhelmed, stressed, worried, anxious, fearful, or in despair, we need to talk back to ourselves. We need to speak the truth of the gospel to ourselves. Like the psalmist in Psalm 42, and like the writer of Lamentations, we need to point ourselves to the hope we have in Christ.”

A Prayer for Preaching the Gospel to Ourselves – Scotty Smith

 “Thank you for rescuing us from the notion that salvation is primarily death preparation. It’s about coming to life and it concerns the whole of life. It’s about becoming like you, Jesus—one Day being as beautiful and loving as you. It’s about deliverance from our little stories of personal peace and affluence, that we might serve in your big story of pan-national and cosmic redemption. What a privilege and honor! Only the resources of the gospel are sufficient for such a task…”