Two for Tuesday – Failure, Acceptance, and Grace

The Two Movements of the Gospel – quote by Tim Keller

No link here, just a short quote that communicates two powerful truths.

The power of the gospel comes in two movements. It first says, “I am more sinful and flawed than I ever dared believe,” but then quickly follows with, “I am more accepted and loved than I ever dared hope.” Tim Keller, Center Church, p. 48

To live only in the truth of the first leads to self-effort, legalism, pride, and despair. To live only in the truth of the second leads to a feel-good gospel with no teeth that doesn’t address the day-in, day-out struggles of life. But to live in the truth of both together…that’s where you find freedom, hope, joy! That’s what Christ has accomplished for us through the cross!

Acknowledging Failure is a Virtue – Tullian Tchividjian

In last week’s two-for-tuesday, I included an article called Failure is not a Virtue by Jen Wilkin. Wilkin says several helpful things. But this week, Tullian Tchividjian responded to Wilkin, bringing a helpful counter-balance. Tullian argues that, in fact, acknowledging our failure is a virtue, and it’s only the grace and love of God that transform us. Powerful truths.

“Telling people they need to change can’t change them; exhorting people to obey (which we should definitely do) doesn’t generate obedience. Even God’s command to love him with all of our heart, mind, soul, and strength is not itself what causes actual love for him. What causes actual love for God is God’s love for us. His love for us is what motivates love from us. The Bible is very, very, very clear that grace and grace alone carries the power to inspire what the law demands. Love, not law, compels heartfelt loyalty.”