Two for Tuesday – Being the Smile of God to Your Children, Knowing the Smile of God for Yourself

Note: I will be taking a break from the two-for-tuesday blogs over the Summer, but will start back up in the Fall. Thanks for reading. Hope you’ve been blessed.

Be the Smile of God to Your Children – Joe Rigney

“Tickle fights are high theology,” says Joe Rigney. In this article, Rigney reminds (and challenges) parents to be the smile of God to their children. The little moments of delight reflect the Father’s love and delight in his children, and we need to express this joy in our words, deeds, demeanor and presence.

The scene will pass through my son’s mind and out of his memory. And yet, in a sense, it’s the most spiritual thing I can do for him. My delight and pleasure in him can leave a mark on him that will outlive the sun.

A Prayer for Remembering God’s Forgetfulness and Christ’s Righteousness – Scotty Smith

We fail. Often. We’re not the smile of God to our children. We don’t love as we should. Yet the gospel runs deeper than our failure. In our moments of despair, we need to look away from ourselves to Christ. He is enough and more than enough for us.

Father, rescue us, in those delusional moments, when we forget your forgetfulness—when we begin acting as though Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins wasn’t enough, when we think there’s something more we can do to gain your acceptance and curry your favor, when we hear the accusations of Satan more clearly than your rejoicing over us with singing.