Two for Tuesday – The Gospel and our 9 to 5

When the Gospel Transforms Your 9 to 5 – Matt Smethurst

“Does Monday morning excite you? If so, good for you! But that’s not where many of us live.

Our jobs challenge and threaten to consume us. So what does devotion to Jesus Christ look like in competitive—and often cutthroat and insecure—workplace environments? How about in painfully mundane ones?”

To answer these questions, Matt Smethurst interviews a couple of guys who recently wrote a book called The Gospel at Work. The interview has some great, practical stuff on ways the gospel affects our 9 to 5. Well worth the read, no matter how much you love (or don’t love) your job.


A Prayer for Labor Day – Scotty Smith

Ok, so it’s not labor day. But in keeping with the theme of how the gospel impacts our work, I thought this prayer was fitting. Smith reflects on how Jesus’ labors transform how we work. Here’s one of many rich gospel truths that are expressed in this prayer:

“Lord Jesus, because your labors are complete—because your “It is finished!” continues to reverberate in the courts of heaven and eternity, we are now declared by God to be guiltless and righteous; greatly loved and delighted in fully; seated in the heavenlies, rooted in love and standing in grace; totally and eternally accepted in you—the Beloved… and that’s just for starters!”