Two for Tuesday – Anger, Insecurity, and the Gospel

Anger: The Image of Satan – Jonathan Dodson

“When I grow angry I find myself losing belief…in God’s goodness amid my circumstances. This unbelief arises from sinful discontent with God’s wise providence, a failure to trust in His perfect will to do me good, whether through bad weather or good, emotional intimacy or none, apology or no apology. From emotional outbursts to weather complaints, anger arises from a failure to believe the truth.”

Dodson points us away from our unbelief to the gospel that reminds us that “Jesus is sufficient for our failures and strong for our successes, promising us the power to change, to bear the image of Christ not the image of Satan.”


The Unparalleled Beauty of Christ – Britney Hamm

“When I was nine months pregnant I felt gorgeous. At one week postpartum I felt insecure and unattractive with little time or energy to spend getting dressed and ready.

I’ve heard numerous tricks and tactics to help me find my beauty and worth. You may have heard them, too…

There’s a problem: It’s hard for your own beauty to cease to be your focus when all the suggested remedies revolve around your beauty. It’s like trying to fall asleep by thinking about how you don’t need to sleep. It doesn’t work. At least not well. There has to be a better solution.”

Britney Hamm points us to the better solution, getting caught up in the riches of Christ that are ours through the gospel. “He is where we find freedom from our consuming pursuit of external beauty and the insecurities and jealousy that follow.”