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Thoughts on Thankfulness

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pastor jean claude columbia mo african multi-lingual service
I’m Pastor Jean Claude Ntimpa. In these Thanksgiving holidays, I’m happy to get this opportunity to share with you this encouragement.

The word “thank” is a small word, but it is very powerful and to be thankful is very important to mankind. Even a dog gives thanks to his boss, watch him shaking his tail!

We should give thanks all the time as the Bible, the Word of God, tells us. We should thank God for all He has done, all He does, and all He will do. We should also thank God for our loved ones, family and friends. Philippians 1:3-4. Thanksgiving is a key to maintaining a good relationship with others and it encourages the one you thank that they made a difference and that they can keep making a difference again for you and for others. Remember to give thanks and to be one that others will be able to give thanks for too!

Giving thanks has deep roots. It is rooted in the past. It comes from recognizing what God and others have done in your life.

Many people, if they try to remember their past, they choose only to see the bad things; failures, poverty, people who’ve hurt them, etc., but we are supposed to remember and think about the good things that have happened to us too; our family, our church, our life and give thanks for them and to them. Everyone has something to be thankful about. If you have a job, you can give thanks. If you have food, you can give thanks. If you’ve been on a journey, you can remember who has shown you the way.

No one is born thankful, it is something we choose to do as we remember faithfulness and kindnesses of God and our friends. We will find we are strengthened in our faith, as we remember the capacity of God to love, bless, and provide, even during trouble, like David in Psalm 138. For me, the one who can’t be thankful is spiritually disabled.

Pastor Nene Peter Columbia Missouri African Multi-Lingual Service
I’m Pastor Nene and I would like to share my thoughts about Thanksgiving.

To say “thank you” in Swahili you say “asante” and “urakoze” in Kinyarwanda. I feel very happy when I hear people saying “thanks” in any language! It is a gift we give to one another.

We should say thank you many times for our Lord who has created us, given us life, who is our provider, and who is active in our daily life. We should thank Him more than anyone else!

I call all our sisters and brothers in Christ to take enough time to say thank you to the Lord and to teach our children to do the same. Keep your life in the thanking way all the time – It is powerful!

May the Lord bless you and may we continue together to give thanks to God!

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