Thoughts on song “Emmanuel”

The reason I love the song “Emmanuel” is the reminder that God is with us. The declaration of faith recalls the various circumstances of our lives and God’s involvement in them. The first verse states our ongoing dependence on God: “All I need to know is You are with me.” The second verse recounts God’s faithfulness as He has already shown it: “All I’ve ever known is You beside me.” And, finally, the last verse restates both the cost and the resulting victory that we celebrate in the spring: Easter. Christ’s death and resurrection! His life brings us life, we are risen with Him, and He lives in us! Let us worship God and celebrate this truth with this song! God is with us indeed, in everything!

Emmanuel – God With Us. I often forget the nearness of God. I know He’s omniscient and knows all. But I often view His omnipresence as more of seeing everything from afar as opposed to be present with me. We live this out in so many ways. There is a quiet time specifically set aside to meet with our Lord, and I go about my day as though Jesus and I both have other things to tend to (“Great meeting Jesus! Same time tomorrow?”). Or maybe there is a prayer closet set aside, a quiet place for a morning devotional time, after which I get up and go about my day, unintentionally believing that Jesus has stayed in that prayer closet.

May the song “Emmanuel” serve as a declaration of faith, a reminder of the truth, and an encouragement that in the hurricane, in the desert, in the battle, God is with us! Never leaving, never forsaking, always faithful. I pray we would be ever more convinced of God’s faithfulness to us and thank God for songs like this that recall it to mind.