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The Pillar of Power

A word and vision from God given through Joe Gaboury on January 15, 2021:

I saw the church [Christian Fellowship] as having one foundation pillar with four parts. The parts were from brother Bob’s word to Christian Fellowship in the 80’s. It is our pillar of purpose. CF is a house of prayer, a house of praise, a house of giving, and a house of war. I thought He said these were the four pillars of the church but He [God] corrected me and said these are only the first pillar of the Church. The second pillar, the Pillar of Power, is going to be setup when we move into the new building. It is a house of miracles, a house of revival, a house prophecy, and a house of fire.

This second pillar will be established by the new generation. I have made them hungry in this time. Anger and calls for a justice of men exhausts the spirit within them. I have made them dissatisfied with everything but Me. When they find Me there will be nothing to hold them back from their destiny.

You cannot speed things along only engage the Holy Spirit in what He is doing today. There will be some who want to institutionalize the Holy Spirit around the first pillar – afraid to move away from what they know and are comfortable with. Many more are coming looking for answers, unsettled, maybe even a little edgy. They can only be moved by the Holy Spirit hovering in this place. They will not be disappointed and neither will you. I am the builder of both of these pillars and they will function together as a strong supporting structure as you release one another into territories you thought were only for someone else or for another time. When I fall upon you again it will seem sudden. Some will say this is like the days past while others will say I have never seen anything like it. It is the all-encompassing revival harvest of God promised to you, your city, your nation, and the whole earth. This will draw you closer to Me, my treasure, my bride.

I asked the Lord what about the other two pillars. He said “For now He is going to hold up the last two pillars for the next generations. They are called Promise and Presence. The last two pillars will be released when we allow the Holy Spirit to fall upon us in ways we only read about. Look to the generals of your past. They prayed you to this day. Read what they said about you. Continue to pray what they prayed and listen for what the Lord will tell you about what is about to happen today, tomorrow, and to future generations.

Please ask yourself are you in? Are you ready to cast off anything that holds you back? If so, this will be your time, your story, your destiny.

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