The Lost are Found


Last fall at the Jesus Culture Awakening Conference I heard a new song played by Hillsong United and almost immediately sensed there was something powerful going on as we sang the song. Singing the faith-filled declarations about what Jesus is doing and who He is with thousands of other Christians was amazing. There was a familiarity to the song right away even though I had never heard it before. I guess it was so easy to connect with the song, it seemed I already knew it. The song was “The Lost are Found,” and I figured that at some point we would sing it at CF.

The bridge is the main part of the song and repeats some powerful, faith-filled declarations. Most of the lyrics come directly from Jesus’ response to John the Baptist’s disciples when they are sent to ask Jesus if he is the Messiah (Matthew 11:3-5). One of the interesting things about this passage and the lyrics is that they have an active/future focus. They declare what Jesus is doing now and what He will continue to do; “The Lost are found. The blind will see. The lame will walk. The dead will live…”

There is a hope to these statements that challenges me and draws me out of making God too small. Jesus is doing the same things today He did while He walked the earth and that He did through the early church. Thinking of this stirs my faith to pray for those who are lost and those who need to be healed. Why would I be so prone to think that maybe Jesus has stopped doing the very things that proclaimed Him as God? The Bible teaches that there is power in Jesus’ name, encourages us to pray for those who sick, and to work at spreading the name of Jesus because there are many He is going to save.

I hope singing this song stirs your faith as well, that as a church we believe God for more and pray bold prayers. I encourage you to listen to the authors talk about the song in the story, visit WorshipTogether to read the complete lyrics to the song, and play the video of Hillsong’s live recording and be encouraged by seeing a large gathering of Christian’s declaring these truths.