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The best laid plans

We have been planning for months, and weeks, and days for this retreat.

Some of us have made outlines. Some of us made Word documents. A few of us made pictures.

We bought tissue papers…rated supply cabinets…bought new supplies.
A few of us downloaded WhatsApp. We learned how to use Google documents, even though we barely knew how to use our smartphones!

We were very prepared for this retreat…until we realized that we weren’t. 

After 34 leaders from our sister church in Ukraine showed up, we realized that what we thought they would need was not what they actually needed.
So, putting our pride (and Excel sheets) aside, Phil made a new outline on the spot. One that fit the needs of the leaders present.
Some of us went for a hike up a mountain and saw the richness of the Ukrainian countryside. We then saw Phil’s new plan and opened our night. The group played a fun game, we shared the new plan, and then presented them with journals.
We gave them cards sharing how we prayed for them for weeks before the retreat started.
The laughing, the honesty, the care, and compassion were just what was needed to start the retreat.
We appreciate your prayers for blessings over the rest of our time this week!
by Rebecca Buchholz-Szántó
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