Two for Tuesday – Failure, Acceptance, and Grace

1. Two Movements of the Gospel – a short, but powerful quote from Tim Keller
2. Acknowledging Failure is a Virtue by Tullian Tchividjian – a response to Jen Wilkin’s article (Failure is Not a Virtue) that was in last week’s Two-for-Tuesday; wonderful reminder of the gospel of grace.

Two for Tuesday – the Gospel and our Obedience

1. I Press on Because – Ray Ortlund
2. Failure is not a Virtue – Jen Wilkin
Two helpful articles that bring together the grace that abounds in the gospel, and the obedience that flows out of that grace. It’s easy to focus on one or the other. The good news of the gospel includes both.

Two for Tuesday – Rethinking Progress and Grace in our Parenting

Two for Tuesday:
1. Rethinking Progress by Tullian Tchividjian – We tend to measure spiritual growth progress mainly by behavioral improvement. Tchividjian argues that we need to rethink what progress really looks like. “When breathed in, the radical, unconditional, free grace of God reverses every natural instinct regarding what it means to spiritually “survive and thrive.” Only the “toxin” of God’s grace can reverse the way we typically think about Christian growth.”
2. How Grace Changes Relationships (Grace in Parenting, Families, and Our Own Lives) – Interview with Paul Tripp and Elyse Fitzpatrick – This 19-minute video is pure gold. It has the potential to transform how you parent, and to transform your own heart. Watch it! And then come back to it and watch it again and again.

Two for Tuesday – Spiritual Disciplines and Experiencing the Gospel

Two for Tuesday:
1. John Flavel on the Importance of Gospel Delight
2. Put Yourself in the Path of God’s Grace – David Mathis
Two great articles on the need to not just know but also to experience God’s love and grace deeply in our hearts. How does that happen? Only the Holy Spirit can do that work, but he has pathways of grace (spiritual disciplines) where he often travels, and these articles show us how we can step into the space where the Holy Spirit travels and encounter his grace anew.