Two for Tuesday – Anger, Insecurity, and the Gospel

Two for Tuesday:
1. Anger: The Image of Satan by Jonathan Dodson – Anger, complaining, grumbling, discontentment–all too common for most of us. Just a part of life, right? Dodson shows us how our anger and grumbling often reveal our belief in a false gospel–believing something other than Jesus will make us happy–better weather, better marital intimacy, a better job, whatever. He points us to the true gospel where we learn to trust God’s goodness (and find freedom from our anger) no matter what circumstances we may be facing.
2. The unparalleled Beauty of Christ by Britney Hamm – Ever feel insecure? Unhappy with your looks, your body, your hair, your clothes? Britney Hamm shares about her struggles and about how we tend to adopt strategies to “fix” ourselves that only reinforce our discontentment. She shows how freedom and joy are found, not in focusing on ourselves, but in becoming caught up in Jesus and his riches that are ours through the gospel.