Weekly Prayer Requests

Share your Prayer Request

Each week, we have the opportunity to share our prayer requests. Here are the requests from the last week.

  • Requesting prayer for my niece, S, who has been diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer. The tumor was surgically removed last week. She is now beginning chemotherapy.
  • Please pray for L. He was in a UTV accident a few weeks ago. He just turned 16. He is not healing properly. He is going in for his 9th surgery tomorrow.
  • D.’s mom has been in the hospital for several days.  She is very weak and so lonely.
  • For the past couple of months, my right arm has become useless, with my fingers crooked, wrist curling in and elbow flexed. It’s quite painful. Could you pray that my arm heals, the pain goes away or that God exposes his purpose for this?
  • Please pray for us as we look to buy a house – that we would make a good financial decision and be where God wants us.
  • Please pray that good spirits continue with my mother who is suffering from dementia.
  • Marriages in our midst and wisdom for our move/signing a lease soon.
  • Husband has to decide about trip to visit parents out of state while job uncertainty is happening.
  • So glad that school is done for the summer, but am truly saddened that the year had to be what it was. I miss my students dearly.
  • Our daughter M is being induced tomorrow- prayers for safe delivery… and healthy outcome for mom and baby boy!
  • My family is not in a good place with each other…
  • I have a mediation on a federal lawsuit tomorrow morning 10:30. I need God with me and all of your prayers for hearing from the Holy Spirit what to do tomorrow.

Please join us as we pray for these.