Weekly Prayer Requests

Share your Prayer Request

Each week, we have the opportunity to share our prayer requests. Here are the requests from the last week.

  • Please pray for Costa Rica. They are shutting down everything except grocery stores and pharmacies. The number of Covid cases keep going up.
  • Please pray that the Lord will bless the process of selling our apartment in Brazil.
  • We would like you to pray for our brother-in-law J. J contracted COVID through his church in SC last week. He is currently in the hospital, with difficulty breathing and a lot of pain.
  • My boyfriend S. had been battling suicide. I need your prayers. Could you please pray that God keeps showing S. God’s meaning of life and why it’s worth living.
  • Pray for B.B. who is in the late stages of Cancer.
  • Thankful God is in control. He’s the one in charge regardless of who is elected to our government. Pray for God’s will to be done.
  • Please pray for my brother B. who lives in Southern California. He was hospitalized yesterday with an infection in his arm due to diabetes. Pray that the infection does not get into the bone. Pray for complete healing, for no fear, no anxiety for him and his wife. Pray for peace and comfort. Thank you.
  • Prayers for my dad who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

Please join us as we pray for these.