Strong God


One of the new songs that came out of Youth Weekend last month was “Strong God” by the Desperation Band. It’s a great song that declares the truth of how no one and no thing is as great, strong, and amazing as our God. The Desperation Band released a great song story video in which the writer speaks about the meaning of the song. So I’m going to direct you to play that video so you can get a better understanding of the heart of the song. The song is written based on Psalm 68:1-35, so you may want to read through that psalm as you think about the song. Play Song Story

We are going to sing “Strong God” again this weekend, and we have added it to the list of new songs that we believe are for CF in this season of our church life. Enjoy getting familiar with this song and I hope that in builds your faith as we all worship together with this song in our services.