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Steffen and Aleah Gastineau

Youth With A Mission (YWAM)

Steffen and Aleah are missionaries with YWAM serving in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  YWAM is a global missions sending and training organization that has three main focuses: Training believers to be missionaries in their spheres of influence, sharing the gospel with people and unreached people groups, and providing practical services to help meet people’s physical needs as well. 

They will be moving to Amsterdam this summer with a commitment of 5 years. They are mainly involved with worship ministry, training worship leaders and songwriters, working in the red light district with people in human trafficking, and traveling around Europe to teach and serve with other YWAM ministries. 


How To Partner with Steffen and Aleah

We would love to get together with you to share more about our heart for missions, and hear about yours as well! If you want to set up time to meet for coffee or a meal, please send a message to Aleah Gastineau and we will set a time to meet up!

Our Story

Aleah began working with YWAM in 2015. She did her initial training, called a Discipleship Training School (DTS), in Davos, Switzerland, and joined staff immediately after her 6-month school ended. She was in Switzerland for 4 years by the time her student visa ended. During her time in Switzerland, she began developing a love for worship leading. In 2017, she was processing with the Lord what her heart truly burned for, and it became clear that she loved worship ministry and helping lead people into the presence of God. 

The Lord showed her a picture of the area she was living in in Switzerland, which is surrounded by mountains for hundreds of miles. She saw towering angels standing on the mountain tops playing instruments and singing, and all around their feet were people with their hands raised worshiping and praying. As they sang and prayed, their words turned to water flowing out of their mouths, which flowed down the mountains, and covered all of Europe. She then heard the Lord say that He would bring revival in Europe through worship and intercession, and she felt an invitation to join with His plans! 

Through this picture, Aleah felt led to be equipped more in worship leading so that she could also learn how to equip other worship leaders and songwriters to write worship for their nations, in their own languages. When she had to leave Switzerland in 2018, she went on to do an intensive worship training in Amsterdam, and then a three-month School of Worship (SOW) in New Zealand. She then traveled to multiple other bases in the states to staff and teach on their Schools. 

Steffen has been involved with worship ministry since he was 10 years old. He has led at his home church, and developed his musical skills on multiple instruments so that he can serve with his passions wherever may be needed. In 2015, Steffen started a unifying worship ministry in his hometown to encourage unity among believers, and to get people from multiple denominations to worship and pray for their area together.  He sustained and organized that movement for two years before moving to Columbia, MO to work as the head recording engineer of a studio in Jamestown called “His Musician Pool.” He worked at that studio for two years and attended Christian Fellowship church during the years he lived here. 

Then in 2020, while Aleah was staffing a worship school in Denver, Steffen came to Denver to visit a friend who was trying to set us up! It’s a long and funny story, best shared over coffee if you want to hear more about it, but basically by the end of the weekend, we went on our first date and found out that we both have a passion and call for music ministry and discipleship and started to decide that we might be able to do that together. Aleah had the call and passion for Europe and Schools of Worship with YWAM, and Steffen saw that he could use his giftings and passions powerfully in that specific ministry as well! 

We took some time after we got married to wait on the Lord and His timing to move us into missions. In January of 2022, we were asked by some YWAM leaders to pioneer a School of Worship in Lausanne, Switzerland. We spent the summer in Switzerland training up our students and the staff that would take over the school on that base after we left, and through some very exciting interactions, we felt like the Lord was pointing us toward joining staff in Amsterdam. We prayed, visited the base, and felt like the Lord invited us to join Him there and jump in with the ministries that Amsterdam has. They would love to begin a SOW in the next year, so we will be helping with that, they have multiple avenues for training worshippers and worship leaders in their area, they work with women in the red light district and have a prayer room in the center of the district, and they have a recording studio that they use to train people to be recording engineers, and also use it as a tool to connect with locals and encourage them in a Christian community.  

We are so grateful to be with Christian Fellowship Church, and we are so glad to be part of this wonderful community, and we are excited to be partnering with CF and with you in spreading the Gospel to all nations! 

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