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Tara Freeman

Director of Pastoral Care

My background is a big story with lots of ups and downs, but it all led me to college in Hannibal where I met my husband, Aaron. We got married in the middle of college and moved to Columbia planning only to finish Aaron’s engineering degree before conquering the world together. We found Christian Fellowship through an apartment doormail ad and tried it out the next Sunday. Since that day, it’s been home and family and where our roots have grown deep!

Aaron and I have three boys, Joshua, Karsten, and Micah, and one girl, Halle. Our four kids have taught us that you can actually have four opposites, how very deep the love of God our father is, and how sweet chaos can be! We have two dogs, Uncle Rico and Sir Tucker the Brave.

Tara’s Likes

I love people. I love nature. I love kids and dogs. I love salty food and I think spice is nice! I love to think and learn, talk and listen, but singing and laughing are my very favorite!

Tara’s Motivations

I’ve wanted to spend my life loving God and His people since I was 12, so I guess this is my dream job! I’ll be honest though, sometimes working at a church can be emotionally and spiritually exhausting but knowing that I can be a part of someone connecting with love, joy, peace, or comfort makes it easy to press on.

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