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Max Vikhter

Head of School

I was born in the USSR and immigrated to the United States as a refugee. My family settled in Chicago, where I spent most of my life. As a musician I sought glory on a stage; but Glory found me in a classroom when I was called to serve as an educator. I served in the Salvation Army and in Chicago Public Schools before moving to Columbia with my wife Sarah in May of 2020. We have three children.

Max’s Likes

I enjoy playing and participating in music both for recreation as well as in service of God. Music is a unifying force that brings people together. God has used music to shape my life, and I have seen Him do so in the lives of others.

Max’s Motivations

I have a big vision for 21st Century learning as it intersects with Christian education, but I know God’s vision is even bigger. I am motivated by seeing our students at CFS demonstrate spiritual and academic growth through true-to-life learning experiences. Together with our families and with our church community, we are raising up the next Spirit-filled generation of servant leaders.

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