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Jo Scott

Director of Healing Ministries & Family Life

I grew up in Southern California before coming to Missouri for college. While at college I met my Minnesotan husband and we married after our sophomore year. Since Missouri is as centrally located as we could get, we decided to stay

Since graduating college with a degree in Biblical counseling, we have had a few kids, served as home parents at Coyote Hill Christian Children Home, become foster and adoptive parents, and settled in Columbia for the long term. It is safe to say our lives have revolved around the raising and enriching the lives of children.

Jo’s Likes

I enjoy activities that I can do around other people that involve my hands. I love crocheting, knitting, reading books, and crossword puzzles. Basically, anything I can do settle my mind, but can engage others if I choose.

Jo’s Motivations

I love the opportunity to engage in community with like hearted people. People who look forward to the joy of pouring the love of Christ into our families through their children.

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