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Jen Wilson

Communications Coordinator

I grew up in Branson, MO and moved to Columbia in the mid-1990s to pursue degrees in English and Religious Studies at Mizzou. I met my husband, Dave, at the BSU on campus and we have called Columbia our home ever since!

After obtaining my law degree and working as an Assistant Attorney General, I spent several years working for my faith community. I have served in children’s and adult ministries, produced several strategic initiatives, led financial stewardship ministry, and worked in church administration.

My spiritual gifts are leadership, administration, and wisdom. My strengths are primarily strategic, so I ask a lot of questions and enjoy problem solving. Because I’m a task-structured introvert, it’s best to communicate with me through e-mail.


Jen’s Likes

I’m a highly sensitive person, so my environment matters a lot. I try to create a restful and inspiring space at home and work. As an introvert, I need time alone between “people-ing.”

I love to travel, especially abroad. My favorite trips were to Paris, Rome, Scotland, and Switzerland.

My favorite things are reading, thinking, and solitude. And dark chocolate!

Jen’s Motivations

Give me a problem to solve and I will jump right in! I enjoy the strategic process of breaking down a large problem to identify the fundamentals and then create a plan to make a more efficient and effective solution.

I am motivated and inspired by serving in a faith community where we draw on one another’s unique gifts and experiences as we endeavor to join together with God and his purposes.

Literature, art, music, and the beauty of the natural world affect me profoundly. I find God in small moments, inspiring vistas, and the still quiet spaces where my soul can rest.



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