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HR & Project Director

I grew up here in Columbia, Missouri, attending Christian Fellowship Church with my mom and sister. I also attended CFS and graduated from there. I had the opportunity to live in South Africa in 2007 and began working for the church after I returned in the beginning of 2008. Around that same time, I began to get more acquainted with the man who would be my future husband – Derik. We were good friends for quite some time, began dating in 2012, and got married in 2013. We have two children – our beautiful Annabelle Grace joined our family in April of 2016 and our handsome Asher Timothy in September of 2023. We could not be more blessed.

Elizabeth’s Likes

Two key joys in my life come from being a mama and a wife. I greatly enjoy our time together as a family; to have fun together, to grow together, and to simply walk through life together. We love to spend time with our friends, and we greatly enjoy getting to go through life with them. I also am thankful and so appreciative of the girlfriends that God has surrounded me with – time with them is life-giving.

Elizabeth’s Motivations

Grace is one thing I am quite passionate about and motivates me in many ways – to know His Grace and to be a part of others getting to see and experience it. An acquaintance that I met, whose name is Grace, mentioned to me not long ago that we are not only to live in grace (to see it for others and receive it for ourselves), but that we are designed to live in His grace. This is not something that we simply receive (or don’t receive) in walking through life. He designed us to receive grace.

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