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Staff & Leaders


Michael Acock

Lead Pastor

Elder, Executive Team

Beth Bramstedt

Church Life Pastor

Board of Directors, Executive Team

Steve Boul

Outreach Pastor

Elder, Executive Team

Jean Claude Ntimpa

Associate Pastor


Nene Peter

Associate Pastor


Marc Galaske

Connections Pastor

Phil Schaefer

Pastor Emeritus


Deb Schaefer

Pastor Emeritus

Clay Spencer

Pastor Emeritus

Scott Williams

Pastor Emeritus

Dan Barraco

Pastor Emeritus

Ministry Directors

Scott Boyd

Director of Grace Ministry*

Kaylyn Briscoe

Children's Ministry Director

Tim Davis

Director of Serving Ministries*

Tara Freeman

Director of Member Care

Kristin Gadsden

Director of Visual Arts & Culture*

Debbie Koske

Director of First Impressions*

Jeff Moe

Business Director

Matt North

Technology Director

Cody Riggins

Youth Ministry Director

Jo Scott

Director of Healing Ministries

Andrew Swanson

Production Director

Kim Stewart

Director of Formational Ministry*

Jane Williams

Benevolence Ministry Director

Max Vikhter

Head of School

Ministry Support Team

Brian Collier

Facilities Team Member

Pete Goodman

Kitchen Coordinator*

Gus Hatungimana

Facilities Team Member

Becky Hodill

Events Coordinator

Amanda Schumaker

Accounting Assistant

Derik Stott

Facilities Manager

Elizabeth Stott

Executive Team & HR Coordinator

Wendy Yelton

Staff Accountant

Bekah Younger

cfKidz Support

Jen Wilson

Communications and Creative Design Coordinator

*Indicates unpaid staff