2022 Church Family Meeting – March 8, 2022

Every year we gather as a family to look back on the past year, and also look forward to what God might do in the next year. We hear about finances, celebrations and plans forward for Christian Fellowship.

Life Together: The Church – Beth Bramstedt

Pastor Beth is in week three of a series that will span 16 weeks. We will be reading through the book of Ephesians, and finding our shared beliefs and shared practices together as a church. Today, we are in Ephesians 1:15-23. February 13, 2022

Servanthood – Beth Bramstedt

Church Life Administrator Beth Bramstedt continues with week 5 of our series “Forward Together.” We are taking time to look at the core values we have as a church. This week we look at the the value of Servanthood. August 15, 2021

Leaders Meeting – May 4, 2021

Leaders Meeting from May 4, 2021. We heard from Phil, Mike, Beth and Steve about church life updates, and things coming up in the life of the church.

Recovering Hope in the Midst of Silence – Beth Bramstedt

Church Life Administrator Beth brings week 4 in our “Recovering Hope” series. This week he talked about the Women at the Tomb, in the sermon titled “Recovering Hope in the Midst of Silence.” April 25, 2021 – Links below to videos referenced in Beth’s message.