Thoughts on the Song “Tapestry”

A few weeks ago Phil started a new sermons series titled The Great Mystery of the Church. As he mentioned in the first sermon, the purpose of the series is to “elevate our thinking about what the church is and what is ours as the church and how it affects the way we live our lives.” This Sunday we are going to introduce a song, “Tapestry” by Hillsong United, which celebrates and conveys these very same ideas. The song uses poetic lyrics along with a unique sound to instill wonder for the mystery of what God is doing in and through his people.

I’ll admit that originally I was prejudiced towards this song because of its title. My assumption was that the song had to be cheesy using “tapestry” as a metaphor. However, as I listened to the album I found myself liking this song and its message more and more despite my resistance. The key message in “Tapestry,” as Joel Houston mentions in the Story video, is that “we all have a part in the mission of God to establish the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.” It’s something we often don’t think about, and this song’s lyrics invite us to consider how God in His grace is weaving the lives of His people together to create a piece of art, a masterpiece.

The mystery of this work of art is that we cannot see the full picture of God is creating, but consider how amazing it is going to be to see this work of art. Think of how Jesus is the centerpiece, and how His people are joined together with Him and with one another to create this masterpiece. Despite what we sometimes see with our limited view of what God is doing, if we find other things in God’s creation so amazing and beautiful, won’t His overarching design be His most amazing and most beautiful?

It’s kind of cool and humbling to think about being part of this great masterpiece. I encourage you consider these thoughts and listen to this song several times and see if it doesn’t elevate your thoughts for God and what He is doing in and through His people.