Serving Your City with Christian Fellowship Church

Serve Your City

Just as Jesus looked with compassion on others and was moved to action, our desire is to follow Him in sharing our hearts and time in practical ways to bless our city. We take a portion of our Community Compassion Benevolence Fund to support agencies and ministries that are in our city caring for the people of Columbia in specialized ways. Many of these ministries have actually been birthed from within Christian Fellowship.

We encourage you to look over the following ministries and see if there is a ministry that you would like to partner with, either through volunteering or by giving financially.

Agencies and Ministries

CF Ministry Outreach

  • Extra Mile Homes
    Extra Mile Homes is a program that comes along side families and helps them get back on their feet. To learn more visit the Extra Mile Homes website.
  • Transportation for Sunday Service
    Drive church van once/month. (Jerry and Katy Coloney at
  • Outreach to the Home Bound 
    A food delivery program and home prayer visit. (Sarah Boyce at or 573.445.8561)
  • University of Missouri Hospital Basket
    Serve the Emergency Room waiting area on a weekly basis by bringing a basket of healthy snacks and beverages to share – free of charge – to those waiting for friends and loved ones being treated by the doctors. (Sarah Boyce at or 573.445.8561)
  • Practical Needs Newsletter
    A bi-monthly email newsletter that shares needs within our church as well as our community, whether it is collecting blankets for the homeless or mowing the lawn of one of our members recovering from surgery. You are able to look over the list and choose that which you are able to help with. (Sarah Boyce at or 573.445.8561)
  • Anchor of Hope
    Anchor of Hope is a non-residential support community for those struggling with addiction. View website.

City Ministry Partners



  • In2Action House
    A Christ-centered home for ex-offenders returning to Columbia. (Jane Williams at 573.673.2220)
  • Prison Ministry
    Help with a discipleship program for the inmates at the Jefferson City Correctional Center. (Gary Dietrich at 573.445.3603)
  • One-On-One Discipleship
    Men are assigned an inmate that has requested to be discipled so he can grow spiritually and be held accountable to another man that he can trust. This is minimum of a once a month visit or frequent letters to inmates at Jefferson City Correction Center. (Church office at or 573.445.8561)


  • Refugee Ministry
    Assist refugees in getting acclimated to the American way of life. (Church office at or 573.445.8561)
  • City of Refuge
    Help the refugees and immigrants go to the doctor, find jobs, learn how to drive, open bank accounts, get cell phone plans, apply for college, get clothing and household goods….whatever they need. (Barry Stoll at or 573.289.1869)
  • Habari Como
    Help provide practical information to be translated for people who are knew to English, do not know how to read, or how to write. Get more information on how you can be a part by contacting Caritas by email.