Sermon Notes for the teaching at Christian Fellowship Church on Sunday, January 10.

Mind the Gap: Intentionally stepping through transition

by Steve Boul

This is week 2 of Mind the Gap – Intentionally stepping through transition.

‘Mind the Gap’ first used in 1968 on the London Underground…
Intentionally stepping through transition.

Listen to Mike – excellent prophetic word.

We are headed somewhere.
• Evangelism and mission will mark your future.
• Evangelism of the unrealized parts of your soul.

In the transition – Mind the Gap. Not by looking down but by looking up.

Phil directed us to Acts 11. The church in Antioch and a prophetic word from 37 years ago.
For some hearing “prophetic word from 37 years ago” is as normal as “pass the cornflakes”. Those not attending church or from church backgrounds where God ceased speaking when the bible was written – That’s crazy!

We believe God still speaks today. We don’t throw out our Bibles.
“No office” picture. Test and weigh.
Through that process some words come and go in a season and others endure and grow. – Antioch Church
God is always speaking to us, but it does seem to rise and fall. Believe that it is rising.
Jane – Accelerator of Hope.
Phil – Fan into Flame – Prophets prophesy.
This week – Rachel
So lets take all these things to scripture and ask what is God calling us to today.
Acts 11:19-26; 13:1-3

3 things based on 3 firsts in Antioch:
1.We are called to affirm the image of God in all people. Genesis 1:26-27.
Before Jews/Gentiles – Old Testament – Gospels – Acts 11:9
Seeing glimpses – Peter/Cornelius – Antioch.
First church gospel to gentiles (Greeks). Essential to the presentation of the Gospel. Failure to do so guts the Gospel. (Clay/Donnie)
2 of the books over Christmas. Holy Sexuality and The Gospel. Sex, desire, and relationship shaped by God’s good story. The warmth of other suns. The epic story of America’s great migration very different but it contained stories of immense pain when the image of God was not affirmed in all people and where it was the church that hindered the gospel. Whether it is those in the LGBT community, those whose skin is black or brown or different from your own. Unborn, immigrant, minority, prisoner, addict, homeless, orphan, widow, poor.

2. We are called to be a visibly diverse church. First place believers were called Christians. Given by those outside the church. Why? Multi-ethic nature of the group. And John 13:35 – Disciples known by love for one another. Both together.

3. We are called to open hands not closed fists. Antioch was the launching pad for Paul’s first missionary journey (and subsequent) to the gentiles.
Church that gave away and didn’t hold on.
“For there is an increase destined upon this house but it’s only destined there as you give it away.” Personal for me (and you) Donnie/Rebecca.

What does this boundary/frontier life look like? I don’t know for sure. Beautiful, exciting, mysterious, but good. Also messy – Antioch – rest of the New Testament. God provides – Jerusalem and Barnabus.

Read Acts
Who is God calling you to love?
What does that require?

Prayer Requests