Second Chance

How often have you thought you would like a “second chance” at something? Maybe you wanted another try with an aspect of a relationship with loved ones, or maybe a do-over on a test, interview, or sporting event. Life seems to have a way of producing this desire, and many times we don’t get a chance to redo anything differently. The good news is that through Jesus dying on the cross for our transgressions we have access to the ultimate “second chance.” In Jesus we have the right to be children of God (John 1:12), with a clean slate, no matter what we have done (Isaiah 1:18, Psalm 103:12). This new beginning in Jesus is the main theme of our next new song “Second Chance” by Rend Collective Experiment.

One of the key points the song communicates is that the good news of Jesus is not just a one-time second chance. Even when we fail after putting our trust in Jesus, there is always mercy and grace to be found in Jesus. As the composers say in the Story video, “our failure is not the last word, it’s finished, it’s dealt with on the cross.”

The third verse completes and deepens the message of this song about God’s grace. Using poetic language it portrays how God masterfully creates good out of broken people and their mistakes. Just think on these words for a moment…

Fragments of brokenness
Salvaged by the art of grace
You craft life from our mistakes
Black skies of my regrets
Outshone by this kindness
New life dawns over my soul

As usual, the rest of the lyrics to “Second Chance” can be viewed by following the WorshipTogether link which is alongside the song player. If you have time, check them out as there is a lot of depth in the imagery and metaphors.

So whether you are now in a place where you desperately feel like you need a new beginning or you know someone who is, hopefully this song will help you know that with Jesus there is a fresh start, “countless second chances we’ve been given in at the cross.”