Savior’s Here


“Are you ready to hear some good news?” In Phil’s last sermon, Him We Proclaim, he mentioned how a pastor he recently met started using this question before every sermon to help make sure he stayed focused on the essential; the substance of the gospel. This question is a great reminder for all of us to return our focus to the good news of the gospel from secondary matters. Our next new song should also help with this as it focuses on the good news of Jesus Christ. It is called, “Savior’s Here,” by Cody Carnes and Kari Jobe.

One cool thing about the song is how it takes the theme of declaring the saving work of Jesus in our lives and combines it with the truth that our savior is here. He is here when we gather together (Matt 18:20), and He is also with each of us (Col 1:27). When I think of how I should respond to this truth, it makes me think of what a similar response might be for something far less significant than Jesus’ saving work in our lives. How would we honor and celebrate a newly elected president who we think will bring desired change if he visits our city or town? How do we honor a local sports team that wins the championship when they return home? Think about those for a bit…

Now, think about what we celebrate each week when the church gathers. We celebrate Jesus’ saving work in our lives. We celebrate His victory over sin and death (“You have saved us You have one, sin is broken death is gone”). We rejoice in “blood that covers sin” and “grace that never ends.” We recognize how He has opened our eyes and awakened our hearts, bringing hope to our lives. As we proclaim these things, it stirs faith and we believe that even in the midst of everything going wrong, “breakthrough’s near.”

This is really good news. The gospel is so good that I know I don’t fully understand how good it is, but I want to know and believe it more. The more I really believe it, the more He will be proclaimed in everything that I do, and as Kari mentions in the video, I am also excited about what this song will do for the church.

You can check out the video, listen to the song, and follow the link to to read through all of the lyrics with the web media player above.