Christian Fellowship Church's Sermons

February 2018 Leaders Meeting

February 01, 2018
Phil Schaefer



  • Young Professionals Small Group Intro
  • Announcements, Opportunities and Updates
  • Phil's Exhortation
    • God is doing something in our midst and is going to do something in our midst
    • Things to pray into and allow faith to arise in us this year.
      • Where there is no way He makes a way.
      • God calls those things which do not exist as though they do (Romans 5)
      • No one is beyond hope.
      • The prophetic is going to come as a sense of God's presence.
      • The presence of God both personally for you and corporately for us as a church will be experienced.
      • Our singing will be empowering.
      • Our dancing will be empowering.
      • Our waiting is empowering.
      • There are going to be personal stories of healing of wounds in the depth's of people's hearts.
      • There will be a connection to Grieving and the removal of Shame.
  • Time of prayer
    • That God would seal the previously listed things into our hearts and cause faith to arise.
    • That we would not let go of God until He blesses us. (Genesis 32: 22-32)

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