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Your Prayers Are Not in Vain

July 08, 2018
Phil Schaefer
Revelation 8: 3-4


Why pray? In our modern lives, it's easy to feel too busy to pray, and sometimes it can feel like we aren't being heard. Does God listen to our prayers?Today, Pastor Phil Schaefer declares "Your Prayers Are Not in Vain." You were created to pray. Jesus wants to know us personally and intimately, and prayer causes us to lean into Him. We can cast all of our cares and even joys before Him. Yet, our prayers, in truth, are a sign that God is holding onto us. That the LORD of all hears us.Prayer comes out of admitting our need for God. It's talking about our needs with Jesus, and He will prove himself faithful.Still not sure about prayer? Watch or listen to Pastor Phil teach on talking to God. 

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