Christian Fellowship Church's Sermons

Wrestling Against Sin

August 05, 2018
Phil Schaefer
Ephesians 12:6


What is sin? That's the question Pastor Phil Schaefer talks about in today's sermon.Christianity's message does not begin with sin. No, it begins with grace and mercy, but sin is a huge theme in the Bible. GK Chesterton said: "Original Sin is the only Christian doctrine that is empirically verifiable." The irony is that we still refuse to see sin. The Old Testament in the Bible leaves us feeling helpless and sometimes even depressed, but we're supposed to read the Old Testament that way. We are helpless against sin. That goes for everyone; there's no one who gets a hall pass on it.Even if we refuse to admit we have sin and all sort of wrongs in our lives, we only need to read today's headlines to see that sin is alive and well in everyone. It's a force that's more than simply breaking rules. Sin is revealed in our discontentment, jealousy, laziness, lying, bad attitude, judging, speeding, unkindness, hatred, impatience, and any other vices.So where does sin leave us? Are we just stuck? No! Jesus has rescued us by his blood on the cross. God's Word is stronger than sin, and His Word will not return void. The paradox is that the knowledge of sin is only given to those who've begun to know God's mercy and grace. For all who call upon the Lord shall be saved.

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