Christian Fellowship Church's Sermons

The Master of the Feast

January 07, 2018
Phil Schaefer
John 2:1-10


So, Jesus is at this wedding, and they run out of wine. Watch or listen as Pastor Phil Schaefer teaches from this story from John chapter 2.Now, in first century Jewish society, this was a hugely embarrassing mistake, but Jesus steps into this moment and does the miraculous. He turns the water into wine. Pastor Phil teaches and explains this Biblical story, and he gives three practical applications for us to think on today:

  1. Love and acceptance wins people's hearts
  2. We all need to be filled with God's presence
  3. Wherever you are in your marriage, Jesus has more to give you and your spouse.
Let's pray into these things. That God would strengthen our marriages, that God would fill you if you're empty and God would change our hearts to like being around those who aren't like us, especially unbelievers.Watch or listen to the sermon to hear Phil teach on and pray into God not letting our wine run out.

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