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Revelation and Mystery in the Gospel of John

Revelation and Mystery in the Gospel of John

January 28, 2018
Phil Schaefer
Ezekiel 1: 4-28


Have you ever wanted to know God better? To begin our new sermon series. Pastor Phil Schaefer talks from Ezekiel about the Gospel of John, and this has everything to do with knowing God. Ezekiel gets a revelation from God that is overwhelming. The Bible says this view into God's presence was 3x removed from seeing God, and yet, it's still awesome in the fullest meaning of the word. Pastor Phil compares it to the most hair raising, fear and laughter causing, take your breath away experience you ever had. Phil goes onto say that all of us will stand before God fully with nothing between us and Him, and that experience will pale with meeting God face to face. Phil gives us four reasons for why he is starting his sermon series this way:

  1. Phil wants us to approach this sermon series with seriousness that our very existence relies on how we perceive & approach Jesus.
  2. This gathering among ourselves - for worship, teaching, prayer, conversation - matters in our relationship to God.
  3. Phil wants us to lift God up so that all our doubts and fears are absorbed in him.
  4. He wants the knowledge of the destiny of our lives to shape our present.
When we truly see God, we cannot help but be undone.

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