Christian Fellowship Church's Sermons

The Gospel of Isaiah
The Beauty of Isaiah
June 19, 2016 - Phil Schaefer
Isaiah 52:7
When you read Isaiah are you unsettled, disturbed, feel condemned? Or do you get encouraged, strengthened, and hopeful? Pastor Phil discusses how we can let the beauty of Isaiah frame our world. Isaiah contrasts the ugliness of our need with the beauty of Messiah and if we look for and see the beauty Isaiah speaks of, it will change how we see the life and time we are in.
June 12, 2016 - Phil Schaefer
Isaiah 1:1
Pastor Phil equates Isaiah's message with a new language. We could read study and read it, but unless we are immersed in it, we won't become fluent and able to pick up on the nuance and beauty of the language. Isaiah throws us into his story and at first it is overwhelming and confusing, yet as we wrestle through we will learn to think a new way and have a richer understanding of the Gospel.
Introduction of Isaiah Series
June 05, 2016 - Phil Schaefer
Isaiah 12
Pastor Phil calls Isaiah the "Romans of the Old Testament." It is so much more than God being angry at man in his sin and God pouring out his wrath on the ungodly. Phil's goal for this summer series is to help us see how we can be the prophetic people of God in our generation. That is not done by blasting all the ungodliness around us, but by us having a very clear and freeing grasp of the Gospel. Our assignment is to read Isaiah, not just on a personal level nor to figure it all out, but to read it as feeling the weight of God's justice and judgment on sin and mankind and then see how God ultimately takes that judgment and pours it out on His Son, for us, on the cross.