Christian Fellowship Church's Sermons

The Gospel Applied by the Holy Spirit in Community
September 02, 2018 - Donnie Berry
Ephesians 3 : 7-19; 4 : 11-16
Everyone wants to grow. We want to be better, and we want to stop being stuck in our faults and mess. We want to be changed. In today's sermon, Pastor Donnie Berry teaches on what it looks like to Grow in the second part of our Grow sermon series. We all have the longing for something more and be transformed, and Jesus tells us that He's the answer. That we can find fullness of life in Jesus. He is how we can grow. We become like him, and we grow into the fullness of Christ through the Gospel, applied by the Holy Spirit, in Community.What is the gospel? We turn to the Bible in Ephesians 3 to find out from the Apostle Paul. We see that the Gospel is Jesus Himself. We understand the gospel more by becoming more like Jesus. How does this happen? The Holy Spirit makes us grow more like Jesus when we open the door to Him, and this happens best in real Christian community (or family).This all boils down to this. Growing is not about a list of disciplines, classes, spiritual practices, or other behavior; it's not about being able to compare ourselves to others. Growth looks like this: Christ becomes bigger to us. He is what we're pursuing together.
Spiritual Belonging and Spiritual Learning
August 26, 2018 - Michael Acock
1 Corinthians 12
Grow: It is what living things do. In the first sermon on "Grow," Pastor Michael Acock teaches about spiritual formation and how that relates to belonging. Spiritual discipline is more about God forming us instead of us working to change ourselves. We are not "forming ourselves;" we are being formed. We are simply "making ourselves available for God to that work of transforming grace in our lives." We so badly want to take control of our spiritual lives, and it goes against our nature to let the Holy Spirit do the heavy lifting of making us more like Jesus. This change takes place in relationship with Jesus and with the church. In our relationship with the church, we can be tempted to disqualify ourselves with self-doubt, or we can be tempted to dismiss those who seem unimportant to us. But we are called to be a body, a group, that is united and diverse. God gave us one another with different talents. Yet, all of these gifts are the most powerful when practiced with love. This is the better way because the church is relational before it is functional. In order to see this played out, we can't be separated from God's people, and we want to create an atmosphere where people can know they belong. Watch this sermon and the video at the end to see what this looks like at Christian Fellowship.